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45 PSS Sleman Songs & Football Chants

Football team playing in the Indonesia Soccer Championship B, Indonesia

46 Sleman Our Souls Are For You Our soul רשימת השמעה
688 Sleman Belongs To Me No one can take away our memory רשימת השמעה
2134 Bogi Santoso, Fachrudin, Anang Hadi, Tri Handoko When we're in need of a goal and excellent defense רשימת השמעה
2235 Despite Heavy Rain And hot sun... רשימת השמעה
3059 I'm Sure You Can We can win... רשימת השמעה
3141 La La La Oh Pss Oooh! PSS רשימת השמעה
3293 Agung, Abda, Anang, Basten Song for the Heroes. Please let us know if you a rough English translation of this chant in the comments - thank you! רשימת השמעה
3837 Ole Ole Ola Jump for PSS Sleman Ole, Ole רשימת השמעה
4103 Dale Cavese - PSS Slemen Very Italian themed chant רשימת השמעה
4132 Ale Sleman Ale Ooooh! רשימת השמעה
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4353 Slemania Jogjakarta Hey! רשימת השמעה
4452 Come On PSS Sleman Win Sorry - no lyrics for this one, do you know them? If so please enter them in the comments box רשימת השמעה
4722 Until You Can NEW This is the national anthem sleman fans. ED: No translation supplied with this great song. If you know it please provide and send to רשימת השמעה
5090 Slemania Not Anarchy Nice sound רשימת השמעה
5592 White And Greens Ale A football song for our colours - sung in Italian! רשימת השמעה
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